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FOUND: Boxer Boy

Yesterday morning, I walked up toward the front of the house and noticed a dog laying on my door mat, just outside my front door.  I quickly checked, and both mine were still inside with me.  After shuffling mine back to the back of the house, I slowly opened the door, and the poor boy gently turned around.  It was clear that he wasn’t in good shape — he didn’t want to put any weight on his back legs, which are both all scratched up and swollen. I hurried back inside to get dressed and grab my keys to take him to the vet.  When I came back, he was gone. I searched everywhere, but couldn’t find him.  I felt awful.

Fast forward to this afternoon. My two dogs started going crazy so I look out the window, and sure enough, there’s my sweet little lost boy again. I followed him for quite some time before he decided chicken chips were worth the risk and let me approach him.  After enjoying the deliciousness that is the chicken chip, he quickly figured out that I’m no danger (he’s even given me a little kiss).  Unfortunately, my two are a lot to handle — more than this boy can in his current state (and one of mine might not be very nice to him).  The vet offices are closed, and the city shelter couldn’t promise me they wouldn’t euthanize him.  So for now, he’s resting comfortably in my garage/shed.  I found a vet that opens at 8am tomorrow so we should have time to go by before I have to set up my booth for LifeBark.

Poor thing’s really not in good shape.  He looks like he’s been on his own for some time and has probably been in some fights.  He’s wearing a choke collar but no tag, and is not microchipped.


Murphy Dog - What a story. I’m amazed that something in him said he could find a safe place at your house. You earned HUGE karma points for this one. Well done.

Becky - What a cutie. I hope his story has a happy ending. Keep us updated.

Emilee - Aw, poor guy! It’s a good thing he showed up in a home as good as yours. Like Becky said, please keep us updated on the handsome fella.

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