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I am not a wedding photographer.  The thought of it terrifies me a little.  I mean, when dogs make funny faces or close their eyes, it’s cute.  When a bride does the same?  Not so cute usually.  Plus I know next to nothing about posing people (the bride kept saying, “But I’ll listen and do what you want!”, which was exactly my worry — I have no idea what to want!).

But, despite my best intentions and good sense, my friend Kelly talked me into shooting her wedding. It was a very small wedding in the gorgeous Lake Tahoe, and the whole thing made for a super fun, laid-back weekend.  Kelly rented a gorgeous house right on the lake for the wedding party (and me!) to stay in and for the wedding to take place.   The whole wedding was maybe 25 people, followed by dinner and *happy* dancing on the makeshift dancefloor (a small, cleared part of the dining room). They’re having a more formal (and larger) reception (with the cake and champagne, etc.) this weekend back in Dallas.

The whole thing was a little nerve-wracking (and I have a whole new respect for you wedding photographers).  I always tend to overshoot, but, wow, I took a lot of photos!



Becky (rksquared) - The pictures are beautiful, Deb! I know exactly how you feel about shooting people. I was informed mid-session the other day that the couple (who’s dog I was shooting) wanted to use some of the pics as engagement pictures. *Panic!*

Ruth - You did a great job Debbie, well done! The couple must be delighted 🙂

Amy - Excellent! I got teary looking at some of these.

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