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bonnie & maggie | dallas dog photography

Bonnie and Maggie are a couple of little old Yorkie ladies.  Tiny little creatures, but with big personalities.

Bonnie’s 15 (yes, 15!).  She’s a little shy and wasn’t crazy about the whole photoshoot idea, but she eventually warmed up and showed her stuff.





Lest you think Bonnie’s just an old biddy — she dances and headbangs with the best of them.  And sneeze-talks (it’s the cutest thing!).headbanger

Maggie is Bonnie’s little sister — and a mere 8 years old.  Maggie is not as shy as her sister — primarily because Maggie really likes treats.  A lot.




Maggie decided she wanted to shake things up — and give me a little of her bed-head look…  I about peed my pants.


Thanks, Rebecca!

Rebecca - Thank you, Debbie! The shots are awesome! I love the one where Bonnie is sneezing. And Maggie peaking over the side of the couch shows her personality so well.

Claire - what a great shoot, debbie. looks like you totally captured her personality!

beth - you saved the best for last! the bed-head is hysterical. I almost choked on my coffee.

Cindy Chaffin - Omigawd, rat-dogs can be cute! These 2 are precious!

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