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I find puppies to be very dangerous as I’m very susceptible to a pretty severe case of puppy fever, last cured by a newfoundland puppy three years ago.  I worry my treatment is wearing off.

Sebastian, a wee little pekingese/chihuahua mix (pekihuahua? chikingese?), was adopted about a week ago.  He’s already gone through a couple of name changes in an attempt to find the right one (it’s tough naming a puppy!) — Sebastian may or may not stick.  Whatever his name ends up being…  he’s a busy little dude — plays hard and sleeps hard.  And in between, chews on anything and everything he can find.   He makes these funny little ewok (or maybe gremlin?) noises when he’s playing — it’s too cute.

At Sebastian’s house, there’s a little white leather chair that I put him up on while he was sleeping.  I was able to get some studio-esque shots that I think are fun.

sleeping-on-whitesitting-upMy big green Target purse came in handy.


I can’t help myself – here’s some more from our shoot…



Cindy Chaffin - I dunno how you pull these off. These are so freakin’ AWESOME!!!

Jennie - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh. first of all he is amazingly cute. second of all these are freaking amazing.

Rachel - I love the shot Sebastian and your green Target purse! Too cute! Also, he looks like he’s laughing in that last shot. 🙂

Rhianne - Puppies are so dangerous, I could so easily go and get one now. Sebastian is adorable!

Jacque - Debbie-
Pics of Sebastian are really, really good. I know puppies can be hard to photo, so you did an amazing job!!

nick - I think its possible to spread puppy fever through photos! Awesoem job!

Claire - man oh man he is CUTE. i’m like you; i am prone to get serious cases of puppy fever, which i have been known to cure with puppies… i’m working on realizing i should just count my lucky stars that my job allows me to play with puppies and that i don’t always need a puppy at home. anyhoo, love your green purse as a prop!

alison - awesome portraits!

leesia - LOVE that first one! these are all fantastic — what a cutie pie!

beth - I have the fever now, thanks! lol. beyond adorable!! I love the faux-studio shots.

Susannah Charleson - These are impossibly cute. And doesn’t Sebastian know how to work the camera (and life, it appears).

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