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scouting report

I’ve been busy scouting possible locations for a (very exciting!) photoshoot next week.  I couldn’t do it alone, now could I?

Bear’s actually much more suited to the scouting part – I can drop the leash and he just trots along, staying on the trails, never more than about 20 feet in front of me.  Belle, on the other hand, isn’t particularly trustworthy off-leash (she’ll not run too far off, but she will sometimes decide she needs to get some sprinting in – which she’ll do – and she’ll refuse to come until she’s had a good run).  After a scare of her running toward a highway (luckily she circled back around before she got there), she’s relegated to the leash.  Though, even with it on, she’ll go crashing through branches and tall grass, getting covered in little burrs in the process.

So, while Bear is easier to walk with, he’s harder to photograph.  Belle will hold a good stay and will look at me.  Bear frequently breaks his stay to walk to me, but even when he’s in it, he generally refuses to look at me (or only does so with both ears pinned back and tongue lolling, looking very goofy).  I have some pretty specific shots I need to get of next week’s model, so here’s hoping she’ll model like Belle, but with Bear’s manners.


Dot - These are wonderful, Deb…and it looks like you got them both to pose. 😉

Claire - that last photo is gorgeous!

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