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cheap date

Scruffy’s one cheap date.  All it takes to entertain her is a leaf blower.  She’s not particularly helpful, but she definitely makes yard work more amusing. 



She’s such a clown.  With a rubber face.


Bear tries to snap at the air when I point the blowdryer at him — but Scruffy actually tries to put her mouth on the end of the blower.  I can’t imagine why she wants air blown down her throat, but who am I to judge?!?



She’s equally as enamored with the hose – particularly when the misting attachment is on.  Luckily it’s not a problem blowing her dry!



Becky (rksquared) - Oh my gosh those pictures are hilarious! I imagine that is what Phaneuf is like when she’s “attacking” the blow dryer at Petsmart. She also loves when we get the hose out. She bites at the water and tries to stick her mouth right on the attachment. Crazy mutts. 🙂

Amanda Hobbs - These photos made my day! Just hilarious! Wonderful work.

Dot - The leaf blower must be like having the car/truck window down and head out in the breeze. These are hysterical! 😉

Emilee - Wow. This totally made my day! Hilarious!

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